Farmington Hills Appeals Attorneys

Have you received an adverse judgment at a hearing or a negative action of denial from a government agency or insurance company? Our attorneys at Mall Malisow & Cooney, P.C. can review your case to determine if you are eligible to appeal the decision. It is important to recognize that in many cases involving government benefits, such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), most initial applications for benefits are denied. The same is often true when applying for or relying on Medicaid, Medicare or VA benefits. Our Farmington Hills appeals lawyers can provide you with the strong advocacy you need when pursuing an appeal.

Our Detroit Lawyers Provide Unparalleled Appellate Court Representation

Whether your case involves a loss in court or a government benefit denial, a health insurance denial, or a civil rights violation, it is critical to have an attorney in your corner who is familiar with the complex appellate court rules and procedures. Our lawyers are adept at handling appeals involving a broad spectrum of cases, such as:

Civil Rights for Elders and Persons With Disabilities

Oftentimes, elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities are vulnerable to actions alleging incompetency, even when the individual is fully competent and capable of making decisions for him or herself. If a judge rules in favor of a family member or other individual seeking appointment as a Guardian or Conservator, there are still options. Our law firm provides strong advocacy to ensure elderly and disabled individuals receive fair due process by appealing inappropriate Probate Court Guardianship or Conservatorship actions. Our firm handles violation of due process and other civil rights appeals in state or federal court in Michigan.

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