ElderCare Checklist

ElderCare Checklist


Please provide copies of the following information as it applies to your situation. If you choose, you may provide originals and we will make the copies.


  1. Driver's License or Identification card
  2. Social security card
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Marriage certificate (if applicable); Divorce papers (if applicable)
  5. Death certificate for deceased spouse (if applicable)
  6. Copies of Last Will(s), Power of Attorney(s) Medical and/or Financial, Guardianship, or Conservator documents (if applicable)
  7. Health Insurance card(s) (both front and back)


  1. Proof of all income, including, but not limited to, paycheck stubs, social security and other retirement income, unemployment benefits or veterans benefits
  2. 36 months of statements for all bank accounts, savings, checking, certificates of deposit, and retirement accounts, (including, but not limited to IRA's and 401(k)'s);
  3. Statements for all life insurance policies or annuities showing ownership, face value and current cash surrender value;
  4. Copy of original Trust papers and any changes (if applicable)
  5. Copies of any/all United States Savings Bonds
  6. Copy of all vehicle titles
  7. Copy of Deeds for all real property
  8. Copy of Cemetery Lot Deed(s) or burial accounts
  9. Copy of any Prepaid Funeral Arrangements
  10. Documentation of any prior gifts from applicant in the past 36 months e.g. gifts to another for educational expenses; transfer of assets to another, etc.
  11. Statement from a Nursing Home of any funds held for applicant


  1. Utility Bills
  2. House and car insurance policy statements
  3. Credit card statements
  4. Health Insurance premiums (personal or company paid)
  5. Car payments
  6. Mortgage payments or lot rent receipts
  7. Property taxes
  8. Medical bills for the last 3 months (if any)
  9. Current nursing home daily or monthly cost
  10. Guardianship or Conservator expenses (if applicable)

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