Estate/Essential Planning

Estate/Essential Planning

Detroit, Michigan, Probate Administration Lawyers

No amount of planning really prepares us for the emotions we face when a family member dies. They may include fear, guilt, grief, and simple exhaustion. At The Mall Malisow Firm, our attorneys and staff understand how difficult this time is. You don't have to travel this road alone.

If your loved one had a Will and/or Trust in place, our office will help with Estate Administration, handling such issues as the transfer of assets and titles, locating heirs, settlement of debts, and filing necessary documents. The Probate Court also determines questions involving property if a will is contested or unclear. Our attorneys can help ensure that the deceased individual's intentions are followed.

When a living person becomes incapacitated, the Probate Court appoints a Guardian or Conservator to manage the person's affairs. We offer representation for individuals and families in these situations.

We will do all we can to help you and your family. Our firm includes a full-time social worker to advise us and help our clients, and our staff carefully monitors the necessary legal and Court paperwork and keeps our clients updated on the progress of their matters.

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Probate Administration
Estate Administration