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Government Benefits Highlights 2012
Available to individuals with disabilities and the elderly

Michigan Medicaid Reference Information for 2012

Michigan's Medicaid program is managed by the Department of Human Services (DHS).
Medicaid is a poverty program for the indigent. Web address:

Minimum Community Spouse Resource Allowance$22,728.00
Maximum Community Spouse Resource Allowance$113,640.00
Heating and Utility Allowance$552.00
Community Spouse (CS) Monthly Housing Allowance$547.00
Minimum CS Monthly Income Allowance$1,838.00
Maximum CS Monthly Income Allowance$2,841.00
Monthly Personal Needs Allowance$60.00
Average Monthly Nursing Home Cost$7,032.00
Single Medicaid Applicant Maximum Countable Assets$2,000.00
Maximum Monthly Gross Income-Medicaid Waiver Program$2,094.00

Social Security Administration Information for 2012

Web Address:

Traditional Medicare Skilled Nursing Coverage
Day 1 – 20100%
Day 21 – 100$144.50/day
Supplement Security Income (SSI) (For indigent disabled only)
Maximum Countable Assets for an Individual$2,000.00
Maximum Countable Assets for a Couple$3,000.00
Maximum Individual Monthly Benefit$698.00
Maximum Couple's Benefit$1,048.00

Monthly benefit amount affected by other income
received by disabled SSI recipient.
Benefit generally not available to disabled persons
under 18 years old since parent's income and assets
are deemed to be available to the disabled child.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) (For disabled worker)

Maximum Monthly BenefitBased on worker's SS contributions

No asset limitation.
Generally higher monthly benefits than SSI.
Recipient becomes Medicare eligible after 24 months on SSDI.

Medicare Part B Premium is based on sliding scale based on income - minimum premium is $99.90/month

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