Tina Taylor

Tina Taylor is the firm's Senior Legal Assistant. Tina concentrates most of her time working to support the design and implementation of Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Estate Plan Funding.

Prior to joining the firm more than a dozen years ago, Tina established and successfully ran her own Estate Plan Funding company, Trust Funding Services, L.L.C. That company provided services to estate planning attorneys, accountants, insurance professionals and financial planners to help make sure that their clients' estate plans were properly funded. In starting her company, Tina brought with her 15 years of prior experience working with an established estate planning and wealth strategies attorney.

Because of her expertise, professional groups have requested that Tina lecture to their respective members about the importance of fully funding all estate plans and avoiding the perilous pitfalls when an estate plan fails to perform as expected. Also, Ms. Taylor is one of the only non-lawyer members of the Michigan Forum of Estate Planning Attorneys.